Saturday, June 21, 2008

Working at Tibbetts

I worked there 1963-67 with a big crew...John Cazzola was the big boss,
Joe Grecko, was a good choice to oversee us, as we knew he could and would beat us up if we got too bad. Salvatore Starro was my boss on the boy's side with a crew of eight...Guys from YHS like Anthony Tascione,
Roby Borak, Bucky Landy, Louis Intervalo, Carl Natali...
Nurse Weeks was ready with the Mercurochrome and the Life Guard boss was Pete of the life guards was Richard Lapchick ...
they liked to pump up on weight before going on and liked inhaling the O2 after hangovers...

Working on the Boy's side was not as good as working on the Girl's
side where you could flirt and another benefit was that the guys took the pins out of the curtains on the booths so they could watch the girls change through the peek holes...

Bucky Landy worked on that side, and we often got a Landy's wedge
from his father's store near YHS.

Tibbets 1928

I don’t go back as far as those picture…I was a locker boy there 63-67, but went there as a kid many times before that. My mother took me there when they still had
hot dogs upstairs and you could eat them on the balcony overlooking the pool,
That day they smelled so good, but I had to eat a cheese sandwich because it was Friday.

The hot dog stand that became Tropic Frost on Yonkers ave by the Dunwoodie
Golf course was just a truck on the Tibbets side where the motel is now…
People would come and get water from the spring pipe near the RR trestle
over Yonkers ave….

The direct bus to the Tibbets circle was working then, but I usually took the number 7 bus and walked in from Yonkers ave. or could also walk in from Rumsey Road.

That day I had a great time because you could still use a snorkel and fins,
And the most fun was finding money, medals, etc. at the bottom of the pool.